Elevate Your Internal State from the Inside Out
with Revolutionary Pilates Workouts



Enter the Pilates playing field and get hooked on the seductive mix of deep core strength and irresistible mobility training.


You’re smart and you’re savvy.

I know it. And you know it.

So, let me ask you why you’re not consistently acting on the necessity to move your body?

Because we both know why movement is important, that it brings unparalleled benefits, and the hard truth: we all need it.


Prioritising YOUR physical well-being may seem selfish, but it’s key you act in alignment with the following truth: that you only have one body, one health, one life.

Are you ready to start caring for your body, for real?

To show up

Do the work

Forget perfection

Flirt with curiosity

Unravel your brilliant movement creativity

Delight in your growing physical capabilities

And for the LOVE of yourself

Celebrate all that your body can do?

UNLOCK YOUR movement potential THAT you never thought possible

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Tap into boundless motivation with the powerful Pilates Mat Class.

Challenge yourself against gravity! Learn the fundamentals of body alignment, core engagement, strength-building and breathwork and set a strong foundation for your Pilates progressions.

Mat classes are lively and offer you a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training as you flow seamlessly from one movement to the next.

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Pilates Personal Training

Heal the relationship with your body and yourself.

In Pilates Personal Training, you’ll work on a customised program specific to your needs and desires with exclusive supervision. Challenge yourself with the Pilates principles of breathwork, alignment and deep core engagement as you learn body control with the innovative Pilates Equipment.

Training on the Pilates Equipment facilitates correct execution of the exercises from day one. With the unique assistance of spring resistance from the equipment, you’ll experience a whole-body workout that raises you to a new dimension and body challenge.

Pilates Personal Training is bookable as a Solo/Duo/Trio Session.

You can have abundant energy at every age

Say a full-bodied YES to Pilates Training that will help you finally achieve vibrant energy and better health in three easy steps…



Start moving intentionally and release yourself from the excuses that say you simply can’t do it.



Commit to the process of consistent movement to build your body and restore your health one step at a time.



Give yourself permission to keep showing up, be guided in the work and feel better in your body.

You deserve to enjoy and nourish your body

Taking exquisite care of your whole self, body AND mind, is a conscious choice. We are all going to age but we don’t need to feel old.

It starts by imagining the life you want to live and the adventures you want to have instead of just “making it through” your day, week or year.

For that, you need a strong body (and confident mindset!). You need a freeing, high-spirited and sustainable movement practice that is uniquely about you as you learn to speak to yourself from a place of kindness.

You don’t need to strike the perfect pose, look like a model or impress anyone. You need your time, dedication and your own practice to nurture your being so you can feel powerful, energised and unstoppable.

With Pilates you have a means for feeling good. You will always be guided to be in the moment, to observe your body and focus on your breath.

Once you start to function from a place of focused calm and reap waves of boundless energy, you’ll be able to handle anything life throws at you.

Are you ready to establish trust with yourself again and discover that consistency of practice is THE game-changer?

Consistency is how you create a real transformation. And I am here to support you.

welcome first timers!!

Congratulations on taking the first step to feeling better in your body – you’re almost ready to get going!

For First Timers, I recommend one of the following ways to kick-start your Pilates practice:

Get Started Personal

2 x Solo Pilates à 55 Min Fr 220.-

  • Define your individual needs and desires
  • Introduction to the fundamentals & techniques of Pilates
  • First experience with Pilates training on the equipment

Subsequently I’ll suggest the most suitable way for you to continue your training progressions.

1:1 Initial Assessment

1 x Private Session à 90 Min Fr 200.-

  • Physical examination for muscle and biomechanical testing
  • Identification of the key issues and goals
  • Definition of a safe and effective training program

Subsequently I’ll suggest the most suitable way for you to continue your training progressions.

Are you ready?

To open yourself to a life-changing journey of movement
that’s worth falling in love with

Praise from our participants

It feels so good to stay active with the things that do me a world of good in my everyday life. I find it totally cool to train with you; the way you give instructions, provide support and guide me -that feels just great - thank you!

Janina V.

Thank you very much for the fantastic time and all your support in Pilates. No matter how exhausting my workday was, after the training with you I returned home feeling relaxed and in a very good mood.

Conny H.

With chronic back problems, I felt constricted and no longer had confidence in my own body. With Danielle's training I got to know my body in a new way. Danielle is an expert in many areas and thanks to her impressive approach I was able to regain confidence in my body.

Franca L.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the years training with you. Your Pilates classes not only push me and give me a great feeling in my body, but you also radiate so much positivity and so much energy that one finds physical and mental balance in your classes.

Nicole G.

The great thing about Pilates is that it is for everyone at any level. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete or somewhere in between, the benefits you experience from Pilates is such a complete and unparalleled form of exercise as compared to weight training, cardio training, kickboxing, yoga, and the list goes on.

Valerie B.

I'm very grateful for having met such a wonderful Pilates trainer and person. You taught me the beauty of breathing, mobility and how to be kind and patient with myself. Coming such long way from being pretty immobile to transforming into someone who now seems quite decent at practicing Pilates feels awesome and you having been so inspiring all the way. This is something I could not be more grateful for.

Roland F.

I discovered through Pilates how to use muscles I wasn’t previously aware of – the ones that are not typically targeted in other forms of fitness training. I became more conscious of how to apply the breath (drawing the abs in as you exhale). My biggest problems were back and shoulder pain but with Pilates, I learnt how to strengthen what was weak - the very deep muscles that play an important role for me as they do for many women.

Parsilla S.

I'll come to training again with pleasure. It feels so good and I have a much better feeling in my body with a lot more strength. Thank you so much for these efficient and powerful lessons.

Sandra D.

After a Pilates workout with Danielle, I feel so alive in my body again...it's as if everything has woken up.... every woman should do Pilates!

Isabelle P.

But before you get started, read my FREE guide

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You’ll discover:

  • How to understand better your beliefs around physical health and moving your body
  • The truth of what attending to your body means
  • Crystal clarity on your habits and how well these behaviours support what you truly want
  • How to live a life true to your health values that support you in everything you do


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