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While things look good on the outside, deep down you know you’re meant for something greater…


A career with purpose that you wake up to every day feeling excited about

Sharing meaningful relationships that you feel 100% connected with and supported by

Feeling empowered and inspired to take massive action in your life

Having more energy, calm and focus, knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be

Radiating a “sparkle” that draws amazing people and opportunities towards you

Living abundant self-love so you can step into your greatness and unleash the best in you

Achieving peak performance by reclaiming the confidence you were born with


You can create a powerful mindset that will open you to a world of phenomenal opportunities. Book your Rapid Transformation Coaching and get everything you need to find your authentic voice, take control of your life and own your greatness.



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growing your net worth quickly

It’s Time To Take Care of Yourself

Because you can’t take real care of anybody else until you do.

I understand how it feels to struggle with the exhaustion of overdelivering, the relentless self-judgement and the denial of your own needs for the sake of others.

These were the habits of action that I learnt through my habits of thoughts.

I’ve been a high-achieving, over-functioning people pleaser, driven to be of service to others even when it meant abandoning myself in the process.

I’ve been at war with my body, my mind and my soul.

I’m a recovering perfectionist who now gives myself permission to be imperfectly human and own my flaws.

After doing the hard work, I’m now speaking my truth with ease and embracing my personal growth.

And what I want most for you is to help you be in integrity with yourself.

Like the hundreds of people I have coached to listen to their bodies and give “that feeling that something doesn’t feel right” a voice, you can too.

I see you and I’m listening.

This Rapid Transformation Coaching will change your life purposefully, profoundly and permanently.



YOU CAN HAVE The Rapid Transformational Experience

The Path for the Rapid Transformational Coaching Experience

Is as easy as 1, 2 ,3…


Access your subconscious mind to find the root cause of your issue and finally understand why it has remained with you


Replace outdated beliefs with your new beliefs – the creation of meaningful alternatives that rewire your mind to free you from your issue


Apply actionable strategies in your life for sustained momentum moving forward as you embody your new beliefs

Open yourself to a life-altering change process for massive shifts in as fast as 28 days.

 Success Stories

I have anxiety and C-PTSD and needed help with my addiction to smoking pot. I’d tried quitting so many times before and felt stuck in the whole human story, feeling powerless, like a victim and that I wasn’t in a position where I could take control. After my session, I felt all this energy working in my favour…that I could source healthy information to choose better for myself and that it’s my job to direct my life. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be sober! I’m very grateful that I connected with Danielle and that she was so patient with me. She believed strongly in helping me, is confident, positive and brought lightness to our work.

Sammy G.

Spiritual Healer

...I came to Danielle feeling tired, drained and hopeless with being able to find sleep. After the session I felt light, my body relaxed and like a weight had lifted off my shoulders…and the next nights I slept beautifully, feeling rejuvenated. I appreciated the sleep, but more than anything, how seriously you took me…the effort, energy and presence you provided made me feel very safe.

Kelly F.

Certified Health Coach & CEO

…I was struggling with procrastination and lacking motivation for my revenue-generating tasks. With Danielle, I felt very safe to explore my thoughts and was able to understand that my behaviours were just protecting me from failing. I have since gained incredible confidence in my ability to generate revenue and results. I recommend Danielle for her professionalism and deep awareness. Thank you for an amazing recording to rewire my thoughts...!

Carlos R.

Entrepreneur, CEO


I know the promise of finally having your problem solved sounds too good to be true. Especially when you’ve been struggling with it for so long and you’ve already tried SO many therapies.

Why should this coaching process work? Quite simply, because it’s a no-fluff approach that addresses the root cause of your issue and not the symptoms. Think of it as revealing what lies beneath the water of an iceberg – it represents the parts of us that we are not consciously aware of. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there and storing our deepest knowing. Your brilliant subconscious mind knows very well what the underlying problem is and that is why we ask it directly to guide us.

When you use the power of your subconscious mind and its ability to “rewrite your story” with a new perspective, you’ll release the trauma stored in your body. The best part? It’s fast! Reinforcing the new beliefs can take as little as 21 days – a significantly short period of time compared with other therapies that can take years. Do you have years to get your problem solved?

You know that NOT trying this process will keep you living your life without anything changing. You’ll keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting that the world and your circumstances will eventually change. Some people call this insanity. Real and lasting change requires you to do something REALLY DIFFERENT.

Investing in yourself is a deliberate choice. Your well-being and health matter. How you feel matters. How you show up for yourself and for others matters. This could be the difference between mediocrity and a life of passion and purpose. The difference between being a better life partner or taking your partner for granted. Creating meaningful connections with like-hearted people or your kids or just blaming, complaining and criticising. Your life experience is based on your choices including the choice to help yourself. This investment has a cost and this coaching experience requires your readiness, commitment and skin in the game. Because any endeavour worth doing is worth paying for.

If you’ve read this far, you know already what you need to do next. I’m excited to meet you and be your transformation coach!


This 1-1 coaching program lasts 28 days.


We will meet virtually via Zoom, or in-person if you live locally in Zurich.

The Process:

  • After your first Consultation you’ll sign the agreements & pay the invoice
  • Receive the pre-questionnaire for submission and briefing prior to our 1st session
  • Week 1 – Your Rapid Transformational Therapy including transformational audio
  • Begin listening daily to your transformational audio to begin the rewiring of your new beliefs
  • Week 2 – Coaching Session 1 to guide your reflections on the shifts occurring and what’s coming up for you
  • Week 3 – An intentional “break” for you to learn to trust the process and become an observer to your own change
  • Stay connected with Danielle via email in between this coaching session and the next coaching session
  • Week 4- Coaching Session 2 for reflecting on the journey, coaching around what’s present and exploration of further needs should more work be desired.
  • Celebrate your improvement in how you feel from your intentional reframing and commitment to yourself




Confidently expressing your needs, preferences and limits in relationships

Having clarity on what you clearly do and don’t want in your life

Calmly speaking your truth without asking for permission or offering an explanation

Feeling alive, strong, sexy and confident in your own skin

Taking exquisite care of your one body (and mind!) as the greatest gift to yourself

Owning who you are and believing that you’re worthy

Having sufficient money and power to stop feeling afraid

Enjoying the pleasure of true, wild and intimate sex

Finding your purpose and knowing that you can live it out fully

You know you want more and I’m inviting you to take your deepest desires seriously. I care DEEPLY about your success and will be supportive in your journey to healing.

I want you to decide that it’s your time. Follow your deepest desires and trust yourself. It’s time to stop struggling and to change your life so let’s change it quickly.



 Serious about changing?

Let’s talk.

Schedule a 20-minute call to tell me about you. I’d love to hear:


  • what piqued your curiosity
  • the obstacles you’re currently facing
  • what’s important to you
  • what you’re willing to do to achieve that
  • whether we’re a good fit
  • a course of action moving forward

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