Who is Danielle

Coming from a scientific background as a mechanical engineer, I was trained to analyse and solve technical problems. When I started my family, I expanded into the world of holistic health and fitness. Here I discovered my true “machine” of passion – the human mind and body.

As a trainer and educator of human movement today, I am intrigued by our ability to transform our body for a stronger, more agile and resilient movement autonomy.

And while our capacity as humans to grow intrigues me, I am equally intrigued by how many of us continue to feel stuck in auto-pilot; we struggle to make the changes we’re capable of and that our hearts yearn for.

True growth comes to those who assume personal responsibility – your ability to respond with awareness to your life circumstances.

Because the only thing stopping you from getting what you really want in life is this – your mind. Everything you do, the results you achieve to the feelings you have are all coming from the thoughts in your head.

When you know how to manage the power of your mind, you’ll be blown away at what you’re able to create. You’ll achieve success you never thought possible and venture towards people and places you never knew existed.

I have the experience to help you hack your limiting beliefs and build new realities. So you can resolve your emotional and psychological imbalances with a complete mind-body holistic approach.

Are you ready to go all in on yourself?

Danielle Berger

Movement Educator, Mindset Amplifier & Self Love Advocate

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Danielle Berger
Danielle Berger
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