What is Rapid Transformational Coaching?

Unlike traditional coaching that works with the conscious mind, you’ll experience both conscious and subconscious techniques to find balance between what you do and what you believe.

This coaching is unique because it combines an innovative method of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy and my signature Mind-Body coaching process.

Using solution focused techniques, you will be guided in identifying the root cause of your emotional, psychological or physical issue at the subconscious level.

As you uncover the underlying reasons for your challenge/issue you’ll gain clarity on the beliefs you formed in the past and be empowered to change them.

With this new understanding you’ll be able to release the old beliefs and destructive patterns that are no longer serving you. Further, you’ll determine what new beliefs will support your life going forward.

You’ll reinforce your new beliefs post-session by listening consistently to a personalised hypnotherapy rewiring recording. This is absolutely necessary to rewire your mind as your brain needs at least 21 days to adopt a new belief.

Throughout the process of rewiring your mind, you’ll receive coaching to assist you in learning to function with your new beliefs. This is an insightful time of reflection and identification. You will recognise all the things that are being affected by your updated beliefs as you take control of every aspect of your personal and professional life.